Tabitha Hess (Madame Hess)

A Concuba companion Sorcerer in Waterdeep


Level 11 Wild Magic Sorcerer


The first person to meet Tabitha was Devlin during a Merciful Mercenaries job to take out the Scarlett Heart brothel. Devlin and Tabitha enjoyed a flirtation which ended with Tabitha dominating him and them leaving each other’s company in a less than amicable fashion.

Devlin later wiped his desire for Tabitha from his consciousness, but still recognised her when they encountered one another at the Caile Numenore Ball. Tabitha was curious about Devlin’s sudden lack of interest in her, but they parted without bloodshed.

It also became apparent that Tabitha and Caelana know each other due to Mercenary work. Tabitha feels at least a little guilty about the consequences of the Scarlett Heart job on the Guild.

Tabitha Hess (Madame Hess)

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