Erevan Illesere

The elven God of Trickery (sometimes known as the Copper Prince)


A Literal God.


Erevan Illesere is a servant of Corellon and chosen neutral party between the treaty-bound Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Several years ago, Erevan chose Skaarah as his newest favoured soul sorcerer, whether she wanted his gift or not.

When the party almost reached their untimely end at the hand of a beholder, Erevan stepped in to save, Skaarah and in doing so won the group’s assistance in handling the newest drama in the fey courts.

Erevan guided the party through their journey to the Fey Courts to rescue the Seelie Queen‘s consort Oberon, without getting too involved. You later found out this was because Erevan was perhaps a little too intimate with the Queen’s consort prior to his kidnapping and therefore was not particularly welcome in the Summer Court.

During their journey it was discovered that the Queen of Air and Darkness wanted to bind Erevan as the anchor of the Unseelie Court but the party, predominantly the Doctor, managed to thwart this plan, the Doctor earning a life debt from the Copper Prince.

Erevan seems colder towards the party since Skaarah traded her loyalties and gifts for those of the Queen and Air and Darkness, although he seems to still foster a friendliness towards The Doctor and his newest favoured soul, Terth.

Erevan Illesere

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